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Fireman Roofing TX is a roofing company that has your best interests at heart. We understand that navigating through a roof insurance claim in Roanoke, TX can be hard. Make processes easier with our help and call us at 817-455-9342 today to learn more.

Roof Damage Claim

The process of making a roof damage insurance claim can be tricky, but with our help, you’ll be able to navigate through the many steps in a smoother fashion. Our team is here to mediate any requirements and will communicate with you what needs to be done to complete making a claim.

Roof Storm Damage Claim

There are many exclusions and different types of policies with insurance companies when it comes to storm damages. In order for you to get the best coverage possible, we’ll confer with you and your company on what can and can’t be covered.

The Steps

Step 1: Initial Inspection

After the storm, do not wait before there are “signs” of damage. Oftentimes, if you wait too long your insurance company will no longer pay your claim. We will come to your home and provide a detailed inspection, noting areas of damage and addressing any emergency repairs that need to be handled to keep your property from sustaining further damage. Once we know you sustained damage, we will go to the next step. However, if there is no damage or minimal damage our team will advise you against filing a claim.

Step 2: Filing Your Insurance Claim

Your Fireman Roofing TX team member will work with you to call your insurance company. We will be by your side to answer any questions they ask to make sure your claim is properly filed.

Step 3: Set up Adjuster Appointment

An insurance representative will come to your home to review the damage. Your Fireman Roofing TX team member will meet the adjuster at your home and make sure we provide them with a detailed look at all the trouble spots to ensure they do not deny your claim.

Step 4: Scope of Work Provided

After your insurance company approves your claim, they will provide you with a scope of work. This tells you and our team what has been approved. We will make sure all components are accounted for, and if not, we will work with your insurance company for supplemental claims to make sure your repairs are all fully covered – minus your deductible.

Step 5: Work is Completed

After your insurance company’s scope is approved, they will send you an initial check for the work to begin. Our team will utilize these funds to secure materials for your property and begin the work at a time that is convenient for you.

Step 6: Final Invoice and Payment

Once all work has been completed, we will provide you and your insurance company with a final invoice. You are responsible for your deductible, and your insurance company will pay the remaining balance. Once you are paid in full, we will provide you with warranties on materials and workmanship.

Get help with your roof insurance claim in Roanoke, TX by calling our team today to get the processes started.

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